Because we make wonders real.

Wir machen Live-Marketing. Mit Leidenschaft, Erfahrung und Innovation. Ergebnis- und Erlebnisorientiert. Seit 1996.

Wun­der, das

(part of speech: noun, neuter – word division: Wun|der)

extraordinary, (…) or contradictory to all experience (…) or a happening attributed to supernatural forces, event, which excites astonishment.something, which in its kind, by its measure of perfection, so far surpasses the usual, customary, that it excites great admiration, great astonishment.

Ma­cher, der

(part of speech: noun, masculine – word division: ma|cher)

  • someone who puts something specific into action; doer, executor.
  • someone [in a leadership position] who is characterized by great assertiveness, by the ability to act

Our customers

Companies from all parts of the globe seek out our services when they need strategic and creative assistance.

We for you!

We support you in your success

We serve as your brand and product representatives at the point of sale, resulting in increased sales figures. By working closely with you, we come up with the right strategy to maximize the performance of your touchpoints. With our data-driven processes, we support you in a 360-degree manner, react dynamically to the market, and continually optimize our processes.
We create best-in-class exhibits and trade show marketing experiences that strengthen the relationships between your brand and the people who matter most. Our innovative designs result in some of the most talked about work in the business.
Providing strategy and hands-on design to leading brands. Our services cover digital, print, and environment design. Creativity runs through everything we do – not just design and copy, but also the way we digest a brief, examine your audience, or uncover opportunities to maximise your exposure.
Broadcast design is not just flat screens and fancy graphics. It’s an active part of the viewer’s experience. Our team of designers, graphic artists and 2D/3D illustrators use inspired design to create flexible, state of the art broadcast environments. Our responsibility is to arrange and coordinate digital events, such as product presentations, panel discussions, and virtual conferences.
We can help you present your ideas in a way people will remember and engage with. Sensibility runs through everything we do. We work with our clients to ensure our work adds value to their brands and businesses. By tackling problems from the inside out, we enable businesses to grow and thrive.
The team draws upon years of experience in marketing and sales to accomplish this task. We are equally committed to trend studies and to the substantial expertise accumulated in our partners network, which has grown over the years.

Latest News

Ubisoft at Gamescom
Discover how we demonstrated our expertise at the world's premier gaming expo, GAMESCOM 2023, featuring the iconic Lamborghini and palm trees in Cologne, Germany.
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ASUS at IFA Berlin
IFA is the most inspiring global tech event in the world. In addition to the ProArt series, we supported ASUS in showcasing the entire lineup of products.

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Landroid Worx
The WORX Landroid is among the most popular robotic mowers in German-speaking countries. We are helping our client sell their products to major retailers.
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